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双色球开奖号码查询 www.tu23.com.cn Centaurus是一个时髦的,响应管理模板,为您提供多种可定制的页面。我们提出了广泛的努力创建一个管理界面,易于使用,简单易懂,包括干净的平面设计元素。Centaurus可用于任何类型的Web应用程序:控制面板,电子商务的后台,CMS,CRM,SaaS和网站企业,企业,投资组合,博客。


About Centaurus

Flat & modern look

6+ different skins

3+ Layout options

Lots of custom widgets

RTL (right-to-left) Support

Clean typography

Responsive design

Built with Bootstrap 3.3+

Well organized and commented code

Retina-ready icons – FontAwesome and Halflings

Responsive Graphs and charts for all your possible needs (xCharts, Flot, Morris and others)

Various forms and wizards

Three level navigation

Email templates

Four types of responsive tables


Responsive Gallery with drag&drop features

Various UI elements, ranging from different types of sliders to badges and alerts

User Profile

Lot of custom pages, such as two types of Login, Error pages (404,500), Pricing tables, invoice, FAQ

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